Simone Masoni

Good morning, I introduce myself: I’m Simone, a guy from Ticino who discovers his own passion in oil paint, to paint the landscapes that I conserve in my heart, witch gives the pleasant feeling of souvenir. I paint with a impressionism touch, I don’t search the accuracy of details on my oil painting, but their own feeling.

Nowadays there are hundreds of photos on infinitives social media witch show the minute details, I wold like break away from those, trying to give what the common picture can’t give. I research the feeling of oil painting and that one of who are observing it.

Step by step I’m building my Atelier: an old caravan. I would thank everyone who is giving me a hand in the caravan’s renovation, with own hands, own abilities, tools witch I haven’t, to provide me   with useless stuff, or simply to suggest me greats ideas for valorize useless materials. My thanks to everyone!

Now stop to write, I’m going to paint. 


Simone Masoni


I compose

Personal artworks

I have many paintings in stock, if sliding the gallery you find the perfect artworks for you, don't hesitate to contact me.

Artworks personalized

If you have a souvenir or a picture that you would like to put on a oil painting, I can do it. A bet to try!